What To Do After MBBS?

By Jyothi Swaroop Makena

114th August, 2023

The profession selected can be completely different and can have no connection with the field. Also, it is not true that an MBBS leads to very strict career choice options and no diversification is possible


Here are some career options for pursuing after doing MBBS

After MBBS, popular career options include pursuing specialization through MD/MS, working as a general practitioner, joining the pharmaceutical industry, entering medical research, or opting for administrative roles in healthcare.

Popular Career Options After MBBS

Higher Studies Abroad After Completing MBBS

Pursuing higher studies abroad after MBBS is possible. Many universities and countries offer postgraduate programs for international medical graduates, providing opportunities to specialize in specific fields of medicine.

Apart from clinical practice, MBBS graduates can explore careers in medical writing, healthcare consulting, medical education, medical journalism, public health, healthcare administration, or even entrepreneurship in the healthcare sector.

Alternative Career Options Apart From Clinical Practice

Is Specialization Through MD/MS After MBBS Neccesary?

Specializing through MD/MS is not mandatory after MBBS. It depends on your career goals and interests. While specialization can open up more opportunities and increase earning potential, you can still have a successful career as a general practitioner or explore other non-clinical career paths.

The pressure of making the right decision increases as time passes, potentially leading to missing out on the right career direction. It’s crucial to address this situation and provide information about lesser-explored career options after MBBS.