What To Do To Not Sleep While Studying?

By Ishika

12 January, 2024

Wondering what to do to not sleep while studying? Check this web story out for more:


“Here’s what to do to not sleep while studying”

Ensure your study space is well-lit and comfortable. Dim lighting can induce drowsiness, so choose bright, natural light if possible. Maintain good ventilation to keep the room fresh.

1. Optimise Your Study Environment:

2. Take Regular Breaks:

Failing to carefully read and follow exam instructions can lead to unnecessary errors. Take a moment to understand the question paper format, marking scheme, and any specific instructions provided by the examiners.

Rather than passive reading, involve yourself actively in the learning process. Take notes, ask questions, and discuss topics with peers. This keeps your mind engaged and helps prevent monotony.

3. Engage in Active Learning:

4. Incorporate Physical Activity:

Integrate short bursts of physical activity into your study routine. Stretching, jumping jacks, or a quick walk can boost blood circulation and increase alertness. Be mindful not to overexert, as it should be a brief energizing break.

Remember, getting quality sleep is crucial for effective studying. If you find yourself consistently struggling to stay awake, it might be worth reassessing your sleep schedule to ensure you're well-rested.